Myrtle Beach Air Force Basemore info

Following the decommission of the Air Base in 1993, DesignWorks was retained by the City of Myrtle Beach and the Base Redevelopment Authority to prepare a master plan for the 3000 acre property.  Both entities desired to create a new “downtown” for Myrtle Beach.  The plan began with a focus on creating the best public realm.  The grand Park, totaling nearly 500 acres was modeled after Olmstead’s Park system in Boston.  The park includes the complete storm water management system for the new development plan.  Farrow Parkway, a new grand boulevard connects Kings Highway to Highway 17 Bypass and connects the urban core to both.  This new boulevard has 1500 new Live Oaks lining its edges.  Market Commons, the name of the urban core includes shopping and residential uses and has become one of the main attractions in Myrtle Beach.  New residential neighborhoods line the Grand Park and connect to the Market Commons.  The Airbase is touted by the Federal Government as one of the best examples of military base redevelopment in the County.

Following the work in Myrtle Beach, DesignWorks was retained to master plan two other decommissioned bases, Fort McClellon, totaling 26,000 acres in Anniston, AL and Vint Hill, in Faquier County, VA totaling 600 acres.

South East Region Merit Award for Planning, American Society of Landscape Architects

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina