Colonial Lakemore info

DesignWorks was retained by the Charleston Parks Conservancy, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing Charleston’s Parks and the City of Charleston, to redesign Colonial Lake and the adjoining Moultrie Playground.  A historic analysis revealed that Colonial Lake had many different configurations, each relating to different forces at work over its 100 year history.  A compelling drawing from the late 1800’s showed a park connecting the basin to the Ashley River and spoke of the area rivaling White Point Gardens at the tip of the Charleston Peninsula.  The resulting plan connects the basin to the River via a new walk with associated rill.  The water quality in the basin is enhanced via an advanced flushing system and the water level will be maintained to within 12” of the promenade level.  The basin edge is cast with a new granite coping stone.  Surrounding streets are narrowed, increasing the park.  New gardens are established throughout the park complete with new social seating areas, new lighting and new paving.

State Honor Award for Planning, American Society of Landscape Architects

Charleston, South Carolina